Our Chef and Manager

Meet Asia Kitchen's Creators.
Asia Kitchen - one of the hottest Thai restaurants
in San Antonio.
How do they do it?

Sally: Your Chef

Sally's signatures are crunchy crisp freshness and distinct, bursting flavors. Her first love is creating excellent food for appreciative patrons. Ask her for her secrets to creating her cruisine, and she'll tell you the secret is in using only the freshest ingredients and cooking them with perfect timing. Others say it's her great sense of recipe creation and how she blends the distinctive tastes and subtle fragrances into unique dishes. Ask her loyal regulars and they all say: it's the great taste!

Pat: Your Host and Manager

When you enter Asia Kitchen, one of the first of many pleasures is being greeted by Pat's happy smile and warm greeting. As Pat puts you immediately at ease, you'll be aware that he cares deeply about the quality of your dining experience. When you are served by Pat and his capable, hand-picked staff, you'll feel like you've come as an honored guest into his home. Under Pat's masterful guidance, Asia Kitchen's warmth and cleanliness cradle you in comfort. Pat is happiest when he is visiting with his customers and making sure everyone is well taken care of.

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