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Thai Food

Thailand is an ancient land of Southeast Asia with a long and proud history. Its people are an amalgum of ancient tribes and people from other lands including strong Chinese and European influences. These cultures have influenced the development of modern Thai cuisine, now known and loved around the world.

A Thai meal often includes a soup, a well-seasoned curry dish or salad, and a main dish accompanied by rice or noodles. Buddhist beliefs causes many chefs to avoid large chunks of meat in favor of more savory combinations of shredded meat, spices, and vegetables. These tendencies make Thai food not only very delicious but also a very healthy diet.

There is a great deal of information available on the Internet about Thailand and Thai cuisine. The official travel authority of Thailand web site contains information in several categories. Use your favorite search engine such as www.google.com and search for "Thailand history", "Thai food", and "Thai cuisine" - you'll find many interesting sites to visit.

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